Below, you’ll find a google folder which contains follow up content from the SSDP2018 sessions.

Feel free to edit any google documents for which you have editing permission. Files such as “Follow Up Links” are for communal use to drop links to follow up materials. Please be as descriptive as possible when adding to these documents so attendees can navigate them easily.

If you’d like resources to be added to this folder, please email with your materials attached.

If you have pictures from the event you’d like to submit to the SSDP archives, please use this google album.


Dr. Bronner's

HiBuddy Organics

Calyx Containers

Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley


Denver Relief Consulting

Dipstick Vapes

Fired Up Lawyer

Grav Labs

Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

The Green Cross



Moreau Medical

Poseidon Asset Management

Laurel Rosebud

THC Staffing Group

Arcview Sciphy Systems

The Grow Off

Electrum Partners

Eaze Enjoy the moment